The perfect linking of elegance and informality the story

It is 1955. The Island of Elba is a mecca for just a few fortunate tourists. They come with their yachts or cargo ships to enjoy, undisturbed, nature and sea.
On the deserted beach of Procchio the young businessman and Milanese artist, Mario Camerini, is walking along the beach until he finally reaches a little restaurant called Il Gabbiano.
An idea hits him. He decides to build a luxury hotel for a select clientele.
Salvatore Quasimodo, Fausto Coppi and Lucio Fontana, who carved the ceiling of the restaurant which today in on show at the Gallery of Modern Art in Milano, are among the first regular guests at the Hotel del Golfo.
Accompanying the evenings at the piano bar, there is a young unknown man called Tony Renis and a youthful man called...Silvio Berlusconi!
In the 1960s the hotel expanded. La Capannina was inaugurated.
It is a gathering place on the sea where the nights are long and the plates of food ring out aloud with delicious food and relaxing music.
All around the rooms, which are set in residences inside the park of the hotel, the sense of relaxation exudes.
In the 1980s the Camerini family decided to put the hotel up for sale. However, it was not easy to find just the right new owners who knew how to take charge of an inheritance so precious so as not to change it radically.
Finally they found the family they had been looking for: The De Ferraris. These hotel professionals had a reputation in the hostelry field going back four generations. The hospitality experts were already owners of two well-known hotels on the Island of Elba.
Today the De Ferrari family continues to personally look after the Hotel del Golfo assuring that generous and attentive hospitality will always distinguish the hotel as it has since its younger days.


Our sense of hospitality dedication

Together with the Hotel del Golfo, the De Ferrari family have been involved for ever 50 years.
In managing two other sister hotels, the Hotel Biodola and the Hotel Hermitage.
The three structures are considered the most exclusive hotels on the Island of Elba.
The Hotel Del Golfo represents the perfect union between elegance and informality and excellence and warmth.
In one way, the hotel's modern atmosphere, bright and cultivated, blends with the well-chosen cuisine and exemplary service.
From still another viewpoint, our staff offers guests personalized attention and courtesy that go beyond the ordinary sense of the words and without ever being meddlesome.

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