Learn about the Isola d'Elba elba

Island of Elba, the largest island in the Tuscan Arcipelago, is not only the sea.
Its pristine beaches and its shallow waters rich with sea life have no equal in the Mediterranean.
But that's not the end of it!
There are old villages on the high ground, Roman caves, Etruscan settlements, and an infinite array of natural scenery.

Sansone beach

Escursions & trekking

Are you aware that Island of Elba is home to 150 species of minerals, 40 types of orchids and a Mediterranean flora among the richest in the world? Our expert guides will lead you through out-of-the-way areas, with varying difficulty, where you can savor the trails of scents of the rosemary, broom and lavender plants. Head to the north side of the island or venture through the central zones in search of beauteous landscapes, glance up to admire Montecristo.

Excursions in sea Kayak

There are those who prefer to travel on land and those who wish to skim over the open seas. If you are a seafarer, you are sure to find a kayak itinerary just right for you. Slip into the Buca dell’Acqua--an extraordinary grotto where sea birds quench their thirst sipping on a sweet water spring. Go in hunt of coves and narrow gorges that ring the island. Or, travel to the beaches of the Argonauts where they say that Jason and his men stained, with their black sweat, the white rocks leaving them as we see them today.

Pianosa Island and other boating excursions

Among the many excursions available to visit in the Tuscan Arcipelago perhaps one of the most popular is the one that takes you to the Island of Pianosa. It is only 45 minutes by sea from Marina di Campo. It is a veritable paradise made of silence, turquoise waters and white sand formed from the sediment of shells that have accumulated over the centuries.

Geotreks e archeotreks

If you are interested in history and geology, travel through the streets of granite in a village that has a three-thousand year history. Or, you might visit the Ginevro mine, the only one visitable on the island--where in the past lodestone was extracted.

Mountain bike excursions

On a bike, you can reach some truly suggestive panoramic points of interest on Island of Elba. Select the route best for you and then pedal on through some of the most spectacular bike paths on the west side of the island. Bike down magnificent routes towards the sea, or go in search of World War II military emplacements and iron caves.


On Elba Island there is an islet dedicated to Pauline, sister of Napoleon. Here you can go snorkeling and explore an extraordinary marvel of shallow waters. Or whirl around in the interesting underwater wreckage of Pomonte--a vessel sunk here in the 1970s.

Whale watching in a sailing boat

Catch a glimpse, among the clear waves, of the silhouette of a dolphin that is following your boat. Such a incredible experience! If you love marine animals, you can follow not only dolphins, but also blue whales and other inhabitants of the Sanctuary of Cetacei on board your sail boat. It is not always easy to spot a blue whale, but if you are patient you just might. Nevertheless, you still will enjoy one of the most amazing events of your lifetime.

Family excursions

If you have small children and they like to take strolls in the middle of nature, let us show how you might do so on the Island of Elba. We have itineraries dedicated to family groups of children aged 5-12 years of age. You can choose the excursion you think is the right one for your kids.