Weddings weddings

Getting married does not take long! The emotion that takes your breath away as you step towards the altar, the encouraging smiles from your parents as they wait anxiously to hear your "Yes!," and then, finally, the deluge of rice and the applauses all for you!
What a day! When it is all over, there is nothing for you two to do but unwind and stretch out on the soothing sands of the beach and celebrate under the stars.

You have an embarrassed of choices: a cocktail on our terrace or at pool side as the sun sets; and, a banquet on the beach,
or on our panoramic terrace or in one of our restauants' elegant halls.
We have a great deal of available space. Your ceremony can proceed undisturbed and in total privacy.
With so many open spaces, you won't even realize there are other guests in our hotel. And they won't know what you are doing!

The Hotel del Golfo on the Island knows well how to plan for you a wedding celebration without precedent.

First night in a suite

To bring this most important day to a satisfactory conclusion, the Hotel del Golfo reserves for you a sea view suite.
Begin your new lives together in front of one of the most extraordinary panoramas on the Island of Elba.
Nothing but good luck will follow you after this night.